Welcome To

Red Instruments & Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative range of Off-Grid Solar Systems & Hybrid Solar Inverters

Welcome To

Red Instruments & Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative range of Off-Grid Solar Systems & Hybrid Solar Inverters

About Us

We are 35 years old company having vast experience of electronic manufacturing.

We started journey of manufacturing Industrial LED Lights & Solar products in 2008 & since than we have continuously improved products with latest technology. We pioneered LED Light technology for chemical & pharmaceutical plants.

In 2020 we have introduced our Off-grid Solar System with latest technology LiFePO4 Battery. All our products are having Built-in battery for least worry of installation & maintenance.

We have in-house development & testing facility. Our manufacturing facility is spread over 4000 sq. feet & well connected with India’s financial hub Mumbai.

RIPS Light


Right Sizing of solar panels

Always use suitable wattage of solar panels to generate maximum power as per your daily demand/usage. If you use over wattage of solar panels which does not match to your system then it will waste generated energy & if you use under wattage of solar panels than then your system will either give lower backup or will use costly Grid power for backup.

Reduce your light bill

Now everybody can very easily avail the benefits of our products by installing suitable products & reduce electricity bills by daily charging & daily discharging/using of power from our products. We always suggest to use solar products for daily usage of generated power.


We use absolute latest updated technology for longer service life & trouble free performance of the product. Customer avails trouble free & absolute value of money for very long period of time. Our design innovations allows very easy servicing of the product.

Installer Training programme

Even as all our products are having Built-in Battery & very easy to install by even unskilled person. We offer installer training programme for electricians & individuals for Off-grid solar installations. We guide for right mounting structures, tilt angle & direction of Solar panels.

Why us

We have developed innovative range of Off-Grid Solar Systems & Hybrid Solar Inverters for wide user applications. We use latest technology long life maintenance free battery for trouble free power output.

Healthy and Safe Energy

Your Health and safety is our first priority. Our Products are designed in such a manner that the energy which is generated is harmless and Safe for you and your close once.
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Ans: Service life of LiFePO4 battery is more than 15 Years & with time its efficiency reduces but does not die.

Ans: No it does not require any maintenance

Ans: Digital display gives you real time indication of battery Voltage, Battery Charging status & power usage.

Ans: Efficiency of LiFePO4 is 95% whereas other battery efficiency is 70%